Edwin Teo

I'm a freelance writer for various digital publications and blogs. On the lookout for sharp, thoughtful writing? Contact me.

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Photo: Liam Martens for Unsplash

A guide to effective public speaking for Sapio.

A profile of Karl Mak, co-founder of SGAG, for Sapio; published under Stuff Magazine.

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

An opinion piece about Overwatch's popularity in Singapore for Red Bull.

Photo: Huy Phan for Unsplash

A research-heavy article on the pitfalls of reuniting with an ex; for LunchClick. Republished on AsiaOne and Toggle.

A 2018 guide to effectively increase reach, followers, and engagement on Instagram; for Stuff Magazine.

A profile of Seth Lui, prolific Singaporean food blogger, for Sapio; published under Vulcan Post.

Photo: Epic Games

A comprehensive guide to the changes made to Fortnite on mobile, and how to thrive in the game; for Red Bull.

Photo: Netflix

A Top 10 list of horror films released in 2017; for Stuff Magazine.

Photo: Kelly Sikkema for Unsplash

A list of little-known fun facts about Nintendo and their various franchises; for Stuff Magazine.

Photo: Ryan Jacobson for Unsplash

A research-heavy article on the benefits of relationship breaks; for LunchClick. Republished on HerWorld.

Photo: Toa Heftiba for Unsplash

A feature article on home renovation and design platform Houzz; for Vulcan Post. Republished on AsiaOne.

Photo: Tinder

A personal observation of how Tinder has evolved in 2015; for Vulcan Post.